My First Post!!

My first blog, how exciting!!  I guess I should start off by telling you who I am

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.  I’m a lucky husband blessed with two young, exceptionally bright, beautiful girls.  I’m also a very lucky soon-to-be released author, which is still almost more than I can hold in my head.  Ever since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I LOVED history.  Several years ago, I realized that I wasn’t getting any younger (big shocker) and if I didn’t pursue my dreams shortly, I would always live to regret it.  With a lot of encouragement from family and friends, and an exceptionally adventurous and ambitious publisher, here I am.

I thought it would be cool to answer a few questions to get the ball rolling.  This is partially cool for getting to know me, and also partially for myself, because I’ve never blogged before and I’m still trying to get my feet under me.  So here we go.  Questions I’ve received from some of my friends.

Q: How do authors come up with character names?
A: I can only speak for myself, but Jason and Paul were friends of mine growing up (along with my neighbor Eric), and we all lived close to one another.  That made them easy choices when it came to naming characters, though I have to say that the characters quickly developed their own personalities.  They certainly don’t reflect my friends as much as I thought they would.  In regard to the girls, Tatiana is named after my wife, Katherine and Cristina are named for my daughters (Cristina – who had a larger part in the first manuscript before it got cut – is getting an Iphone for that loss).

Q: Where the heck is Lebanon, NH?
A: Another easy question.  I promise this town does actually exist.  In fact, I grew up there.  Another (slight) cheat here – the description of Jason’s home is identical to my real life friend Paul’s.  And yes, that town is actually as small as I say it is in the book.

Q: The Battle of Bosworth and Old England, really?  Why did you choose them as the backdrop for your first book?  Aren’t there more exciting periods of history?
A: More exciting?  Maybe, maybe not, but that’s why I’m the author – I get to decide on these kinds of things (and what a heady power it is… until my editor gets a hold of it)!  I loved the idea of Jason viewing 15th-century living up close and personal.  Talk about culture shock!  I also loved the idea of featuring that relatively unknown battle, which ended up guiding history into what we know as the present.  From there, it was just a stream of brainstorming … what if that battle had gone differently?  What if the players had chosen different sides?  What if someone had really gone back in time and screwed it all up, and there was no one to stop them?  Where exactly would we be today?  And would we even still exist?

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5 Responses to My First Post!!

  1. Cathie says:

    Fascinating! But how did you come to the decision to take your ‘what if’ questions and put them into words? Did writing come easily to you?

    • Patrick says:

      The what if questions were the fun / easy part, putting them into words was a different ball game. I have an amazing editor (Carrie) to thank for that!

  2. George Ebey says:

    Congrats on the new blog!

    The 15th century is a fascinating period with the end of the Middle Ages and the rise of the Renaissance. Lots of conflict there. Also being a history fan, I’ve often thought about what it would be like to go back in time and see how things actually were. I think that fiction is a good way to visit history because it has the power to engage your imagination and give you that you-are-there feel. The ‘what if’ scenarios are fun too. Change just one thing and what would we have today? Ah, the paradoxes.

    • Patrick says:

      Thank you so much for the comment. I could not agree more. I hate to hear kids say they don’t enjoy history, how could you not? So much fun, so much adventure. I guess I was fortunate to have parents and a few very good history teachers that made it enjoyable.

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